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The Queen Square Riots

2017, 3 colour linocut, 100x35cm

This was great fun to produce. I cut this originally as part of The International Festival of Apathy in Bristol. As a relatively forgotten event, the Bristol Queen Square Riots of 1831 deserved some attention. The riots took place after The House of Lords rejected a bill aimed at drastically reforming the voting system to make it more democratic. Following its rejection Bristol erupted into riots centred around Queens Square where the house of the City's mayor was situated. After several days hundreds of people were killed by dragoons and in the wake of the riots several men were executed. As a result of the unrest in Bristol and other cities, fearing a revolution, the government approved a reform bill a year after.

The print is 3 linocut layers, printed on Fabriano paper.  Printed with the indispensable help of Ellen Bills at the Letterpress Collective

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